Custom street bike

custom cruiser motorcycle

This custom cruiser was customized by Greg’s Motorcycle Works in Florida, from a Harley base. Most of the bike is custom except the motor and the frame. A few things pop out: the wheels of course, the rake and trail, the low ride, the stretched tank with a custom paint job. Much of the paint job is flat black. The builder kept original Harley saddlebags, though there could be a case to having changed them to cool leather saddlebags to give this ride a touch of badass vintage. Among the noteworthy accessories: the grip with a cone end, the passing lights next to the fairing, and the motor crash bars, custom made by Greg.

custom street bike

Whether your bike is full custom or stock, ride with a proper motorcycle helmet. A proper helmet is DOT-approved, and covers the side of your head. Shorties and ultra-thin have cool looks but motorcycling regulators has expressed concerns about the reality of the protection they afford you in case of a crash. Motorcycle accident data show that in case of a crash and slide, the jaw of the motorcyclist is exposed to direct shock. Some crash data show that if the body goes over the windshield in a frontal shock, there exists a serious risk that the jaw can be caught by the top of the windshield and suffer serious trauma. Open face helmets do not seem to protect the rider adequately from this risk. Full face helmets and modular helmets (flip-ups) are covering this most vital part of the face, and over the years, helmet makers have strengthened the jaw protection element of their helmets to withstand direct frontal and side shocks better. We recommend exercising the utmost care when choosing a motorcycle helmet. While wearing even the best helmets is not a guarantee that your head and face won’t be inflicted traumas in case of high-speed shock, full face helmets and modular helmets have an adequate record of protection in low-speed crashes. Please do your due diligence: before you buy a helmet, look at the safety ratings of the helmets you are considering, and read some relevant information about the respective safety features of open face, full face and modular helmets. We also recommend that you try a helmet on before buying it. It is essential that helmets be correctly fitted to your head to ensure maximum safety. Helmets do not have the same internal shape, and the same exact dimensions. Some will fit oblong heads better, some will be more fitting for round heads. Padding will play a big role in the secure fit of a helmet, just as the chin strap will help correctly secure the helmet to the head. A helmet must not be too snug or too lose. It’s common for helmets to feel a bit too snug when new: with wear and tear, padding will compress and the helmet will fit looser. It’s better to start with a good snug rather than loose. Our staff will help you find a better fit for your head. Online stores do not enable you to verify the fit of a helmet, so you will wind up returning the helmet multiple times before you can find one that’s a better fit. And even so, there is a chance that you don’t pick the right fit. Try a helmet in a store. Renegade Modesto carries enough motorcycle helmet models for you to find the right fit and the right look at the right price.